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Regency novellas (Jove, 1991 & 1992)

“A Christmas Spirit” from A REGENCY HOLIDAY (Berkley Jove, 1991) When traveling home for the holidays what can be more disconcerting that ghost playing matchmaker.
“Summer’s Folly” from Summertime Splendor (Berkley Jove, 1992) -- Eliza could imagine better ways to pass a country holiday than chaperoning her bossy and betrothed cousin. But then, she hadn’t planned on falling in love.

A Forever Man (Kismet, 1991; Samhain 2012)

When Sandi Canin takes an Alaskan cruise after a stressful year, the last man she wanted to see Max Avery. What did he expect after he'd walked out on her a year ago? Instead of a greeting, she gave him a shove--right into the ocean liner's pool.

Remember the Night (Kismet 1991; Samhain 2012)

Joanna Trent is tired of being a practical, levelheaded bore so she has an impetuous vacation romance. She had no idea her sexy partner, Nathan Hartford is the new owner of the company that is her biggest client. To complicate matters, there is a little souvenir from her vacation.

Southern Hospitality (Kismet 1990; Samhain 2012)

As far as Logan Herrington was concerned, civilization did not exist beyond the city limits of Boston. When Preston Herrington sends Logan, his heir-apparent, to Arkansas on a three-month assignment for Rally Driver magazine. Logan is stunned. Was the civilization there?

Logan’s disdain is obvious to Victoria Planchet the moment she meets him. How could her father be involved with the family of this blue-blooded Yankee?

Stolen Kisses (Kismet 1992; Samhain 2012)

With her biological clock ticking, Jessie DeLord is looking for the perfect husband and prospective father. TV sportscaster Trevor Planchet, one of Little Rock's most eligible bachelors, is not on her list, but he is determined to make her change her mind.

Author Note: Stolen Kisses opens at a party that takes place in Chapter 4 of Southern Hospitality.

Ms. Falcon has developed into a fine writer who infused beguiling romance with diverting touched of humor. ROMANTIC TIMES
An absolute delight and a definite book to read over and over again. We get to renew our acquaintance with Tory and Logan from Ms. Falcon’s SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY, which only adds to the pleasure. RENDEZVOUS

Lady Vengeance (Harper Monogram, 1995)

Celia Tregaron came to England from Baltimore find the scoundrel who impressed her brother in to the British navy. Unfortunately when she aims her pistol at Marcus Knowles, Earl of Ashmore, he is the wrong man. Now she must enlist Marcus’ help to find her brother.
“By turns funny, passionate and tender, Lady Vengeance will conquer your heart.” Marianne WILLMAN Court of the Three Sisters.
“Take a pair of stubborn headstrong lover, add a truly delightful cast of supporting characters, spice with some wonderfully inept rascals and mix in a dash of danger. Blend all of the above with Sarah Eagle’s wicked sense of humor and a generous helping of sensuality, and have Lady Vengeance, a winning recipe for romance”. Kasey Michaels
Fast-paced and brimming with humor, LADY VENGEANCE will leave you smiling and chuckling to the very end. ROMANTIC TIMES
Graceful rather than flamboyant, this sexy historical with well-researched Regency roots combines the ambiance and wit of the traditional Regency with the passionate sensuality of the historical. This is the first historical for Eagle, who has written a number of Regencies, including The Bedeviled Baron. LIBRARY JOURNAL

The Bedeviled Baron (Berkley Jove, 1994; Peregrine, 2016 ebook)

Hilary and the Baron had absolutely nothing in common—except a shocking reluctance to marry! They decided to fool their interfering families by pretending to fall in love. In was a brilliant scheme, a cunning game of deception. Or is it?
Companion book to Marriage Gamble

Nominated as Best Regency Comedy by ROMANTIC TIMES and COLORADO ROMANCE WRITERS

Marriage Gamble (Berkley Jove, 1992 print; Peregrine 2016 ebook)

Lady Damara Tarrant finds herself engaged by reading the notice in the newspaper and she’s never met the man. To solve the mystery she goes to London to find out who is responsible for the hoax.
This is a delightful and entertaining book, with much Regency humor and goodly selection of secondary characters. RENDEZVOUS
Sarah Eagle comes into her own as a bright star in the Regency heavens in this lively, well-written novel, featuring a spirited heroine and a handsome Regency Buck. Ms. Eagle has done a wonderful job in creating a truly fresh and original tale, guaranteed to please even the most jaded Regency palate. Add in marvelously appealing characters, and what you have is outstanding reading, indeed. ROMANTIC TIMES

A Reluctant Suitor (Berkley Jove, 1991)

When pretty, green-eyed Joslyn Penderton learned that a man she never met was to be foisted upon her as a husband, she defiantly fled for London- with no companion save her faithful spaniel. Along the way, though, a dark, attractive stranger crossed her path-quite literally!

Very colorful characters and fast paced story with smuggling, kidnapping and a lot of humor thrown in. RENDEZVOUS

An Unmarried Man (Harlequin Temptation, 1989)

Alex Lindfors avoids commitment by claiming he’s married, using his sister’s picture. Unfortunately, his new computer analyst, Michelle Moens, was his sister’s college roommate. Michelle just doesn’t think he needs to know to teach him a lesson. Their romance becomes a tricky game of who-knows- what-and- when.
He knows, she knows, but they don’t know! Barbara Critiques Gold 5*
“Temptation discovery Sarah Hawkes proves herself a talent to watch in her first book, AN UNMARRIED MAN, the lively plot is enhanced by excellent writing. ROMANTIC TIMES
There’s a lot of fun to be had in this one especially when Alex’s pregnant sister and her husband decide to visit. Then it’s party time with no on being sure of the rules. A lot of fun was had by everyone, especially me.” RENDEZVOUS