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Lady Vengeance (Harper Monogram, 1995)

Celia Tregaron came to England from Baltimore find the scoundrel who impressed her brother in to the British navy. Unfortunately when she aims her pistol at Marcus Knowles, Earl of Ashmore, he is the wrong man. Now she must enlist Marcus’ help to find her brother.
“By turns funny, passionate and tender, Lady Vengeance will conquer your heart.” Marianne WILLMAN Court of the Three Sisters.
“Take a pair of stubborn headstrong lover, add a truly delightful cast of supporting characters, spice with some wonderfully inept rascals and mix in a dash of danger. Blend all of the above with Sarah Eagle’s wicked sense of humor and a generous helping of sensuality, and have Lady Vengeance, a winning recipe for romance”. Kasey Michaels
Fast-paced and brimming with humor, LADY VENGEANCE will leave you smiling and chuckling to the very end. ROMANTIC TIMES
Graceful rather than flamboyant, this sexy historical with well-researched Regency roots combines the ambiance and wit of the traditional Regency with the passionate sensuality of the historical. This is the first historical for Eagle, who has written a number of Regencies, including The Bedeviled Baron. LIBRARY JOURNAL